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NDSSM launched "A Million Roses for the World" from October 19, 2011 - June 19, 2012.

A campaign for all Filipinos, living in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, to pray the rosary for world peace.

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Dear Parents, Alumni, Students, Personnel and Friends

Good Morning!

Today, I officially declare the launching of this campaign entitled "A Million Roses for the World", from this day October 19, 2011 to June 19, 2012.

This in response to the invitation of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines headed by His Excellency, Bishop Nereo Odchimar, D.D.

This activity aims to encourage Filipinos all over the world to pray the rosary. Others started this already from October 7, 2011, a Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary, they will end this on May 31, 2012, Feast of the Visitation of Our Blessed Mother.

This campaign is also known as "Filipinos at Prayer, Peace for all Nations".

We have a signature campaign for this activity to be facilitated by your adviser.

We signify and promise to pray the Rosary everyday for peace in ourselves, family, community, country and the whole world. We will also pray for unity and conversion of sinners.

Good Luck to all of us. Bring always your Rosary.

Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation. Once again Good morning and God Bless!

SR. MAILYN P. BOLIVAR, O.P. Director/Principal

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Prayer of Commitment

A Million Roses for the World: Filipinos at Prayer, Peace for All Nations

Almighty God, we adore you and we praise you for blessing Mary among all women and creating her full of grace.

Through Mary, we received Jesus your Son whose birth had made all things new for us here on earth.

We seek your blessing through her praying hands, so that peace may reign in the world and harmony may be established among all nations.

I commit to pray the rosary everyday, as much as possible with my family, for each and every nation on earth so that war may end, famine may cease, terrorism may stop, justice may reign and only your love and mercy may prevail.

I commit to live in the state of grace, to avoid all occasions of sin and to receive Holy Communion as frequently as my situation may allow so that your name may be glorified and all peoples may kneel down before you God of Peace in worship, adoration and thanksgiving, now and forever. Amen.


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